My Projects

Here are 2 projects and presentations I have worked on :

The Textbook Project

When I arrived at Wali Ul Asr I realized that the students only had textbooks for English and Math and books for the rest of the courses were absent. With more research I came to know that thanks to the help of a generous philanthropist Math and English books had been provided. Time in classrooms were spent copying down information from the board while not really understanding concepts. As a result I tried to fundraise for this cause and it has been a success thanks to the help of more generous philanthropists.

We were able to raise the money needed for each child to get their textbooks in all courses.

I would like to thank all those who donated generously – every penny counts .

Another project that I started with a mentor was the milk project.

We attempted to raise money to buy more cows at WIpahs which would increase the milk consumption for the kids as well as to fuel our biogas project.


6 comments on “My Projects

  1. I would like to help vulnerable people whenever possible,but what I have is my first degree in science of social protection at 24yrs.I used to say my self,One day i have to establish self financed foundation where I can utilize my education,skills and serving for will be mostly welcome for the programme to be come true

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