What is World Islamic Propagation and Humanitarian Services (WIPAHS)?


“Serving Humanity for Peace, Love and Unity”

For the past 23 years, WIPAHS has improved the living conditions of the indigenous community of Tanzania, which has been suffering from the poverty, disease and illiteracy. WIPAHS’ impact can be seen by its vast amount of projects which promote rural development through education, the access of water, economic sustainability and the enhancement of religious learning. The vision of WIPAHS is to transform individuals into an egalitarian and literate society through supporting and promoting community education to people irrespective of their ethnic linguistic , provincial or religious background.

 Water Projects

-Kerbala Shallow Wells Project ( 450 Wells)

-Ashura Tube Well Projects (Over 50 Wells)


Education Projects

Wali Ul Ast Education Centre, Kibaha

1)    Umme Abiha Nurdery School (UANS)

2)    Kibaha English Medium Primary School (KEMPS)

3)    Wali ul Ast Girls Seminary Secondary (O –A levels)

4)    Wali ul Asr Boys Seminary Secondary (O-A levels)

5)    Coast Teachers Training Institute

Lady Fatema (AS) Nursery School, Gongo La Mboto

 Socio-Economic Projects

-Providing Bicycles, Sewing Mahcines and Ploughs

-Micro finance projects

WIPAHS believe that the solution to poverty is education. By educating and thus empowering our youth they can grow to become people who contribute positively to our society, are able to sustain their families and hopefully also invest in the future youth. Like so,are then able to create a cycle where the country and underprivileged can pull themselves out of poverty.

Donating to WIPAHS

1)    Visiting www.wipahs.com

2)    Click on Donate to Us

3)    Read the Information about the Donation Amounts

4)    Fill out your Personal Info

5)    Pledge a Donation to a Specific Fund you feel passionate about



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