12 comments on “How To Let Go

  1. I like unconventional tourists, (I’m assuming that’s what you were, please correct me if I’m wrong). Some people are never able to “get,” Africa. But honestly, behind all the negative news and publicity, there’s a lot one can learn on letting go and getting down to the basics. Nice post

    • Hey Sane Child! I guess you can call me that ..don’t know how much of a tourist I am though..! I once read ” Africa changes you- if you let it.” There are so many lessons to learn from Africa and the African people it’s crazy. There will always be presumptions and assumptions and that will hinder one from seeing a place for what it truly is..

      • I find that most Westerners are drawn to Africa for the clichéd safaris, etc, it’s almost as though Africa is some mysterious being that should be explored, but not in explicit detail, if not it’d destroy that mysterious image. How would you describe Africa in a sentence, if you could?

      • O Sane Child, You’re gonna have to give me some time for that..on sentence for Mother Africa..wow..man..there’s just so much..I’ll get back to you on that one.

  2. What is the definition of poor? You can have a fat wallet and a 6-page bank statement and still be poor. You can have just enough food for today and still be rich. I think that richness is what everyone is on the search for.

    Your best blog yet, Saara!

  3. I like this post. Being Nigerian, it’s actually quite interesting when I return home from school in the US, and I complain of how things are so slow, and why nothing goes according to plan. Then when I am ignored for long enough by my family, I am forced to chill. And oh so surprisingly, I still live, just with less worries.
    It’s quite funny, how I know I am in America isn’t because I can see the American flag out of the plane at Dulles airport, it is because people start checking their watches religiously; their demeanors change to work mode, and the stress is palpable. Then I’m like, “yup, definitely not in Nigeria anymore.”

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