2 comments on “Life !

  1. it is so great to be told about regrets ppl have on their deathbed, if only we cud know what things people regret doin after they die …
    oh wait :

    “The day the bad men and women, will say to the good ones, ‘Please let up on us, that we may glean something from your light!’

    They will be told: ‘Go back [to your past] and grope for light!’

    Then there will be set up between them a wall with a gate, with mercy on its interior and [darkness] toward its exterior.

    They will call out to them, ‘Did we not use to be with you?’

    They will say, ‘Yes! But you cast yourselves into temptation, and you awaited and were doubtful,
    and [false] hopes deceived you, So today no ransom shall be taken from you,

    Is it not time yet for those who have faith that their hearts should be humbled for God’s remembrance
    and to the truth which has come down [to them],” (Qur’an 57:13 …)

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