2 comments on “Boston

  1. Dear Gia,
    there were some of your posts i told myself i have to read them more than once to remind myself of the point which could be learnt from it. however, this post of yours, i want to tell you to make sure you read it every now and then. thats the first thing
    and the second: u knw how when u wanted to go to kili, u asked people who had already gone for advice nd how there were some team leaders who helped u durin the way, (for example by telling you that only 10 minutes left every time you asked them how long will it take to the next summit) , in the same way we need leaders and advisors in all other journeys too, like a journey to pursuit the call of your heart or . . .
    make sure u have that leader by your side.

    thanks for ur post. enjoyed every single word of it 😉

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