13 comments on “3 weeks in ….

  1. That sight at traffic lights is all too familiarin Delhi. Its so heartbreaking, and you feel so helpless.

    I honestly wish I could have half your guts to do what your doing now. I’d feel infinitely more at peace and useful.

    • Swetha Sampath ! You won’t believe what I was doing right now – I was googling places to go in India ..My mind is somewhere else ..but it’s a terrible feeling…Swetha – you being you and how selfless you are – you’re making a difference right there ..you always inspired me to be a better person – that’s for sure 😀 Love you!

  2. Hey GIA,
    I wanted to leave comment just sayin “Follow your heart” but i feared the consequences. It is not hard to understand how you feel now. even the way u wrote this post tells a lot about ur state of mind now. i am not worried for u at all, since ur a great person and im sure u will make the best decisions. you just need to follow your heart. (oops i said it)
    just two things i wanna tell you. if you are already doin them so ignore me and if not think about them. 1) make sure u talk to a friend a lot and not about the roads or the weather, but about urself. 2) i think ur at a very important and amasing point of your life. spend some time thinkin about urself and ur life, in the same way that travelling opens new ideas and feeling to you reflection makes u experience a totally different yout. i no “to think” might not be very adventurous, however adventures of a person who thinks nd reflect are greater
    btw never ever underestimate any of your actions. i know “giving money on the side of the road” might not sound as good as educating lots of little children or … but you never know. maybe the smile u place on the lips of that little kid on the side of the street will get you much more than anything else. every second of life is worthy of special attention.
    this is becomin the longest comment ever. just to make sure it really is the longest one i will add a ps too.

    p.s. I’m a huge fan of you, your life and your blog. make sure u remind urself of how great u r and u keep updating us here. thanks for all ur posts Growin in Africa 😉

    • Thanks Mjs Saab 🙂 I will keep ur wise words in mind. Thank you for the encouraging words and do not worry – thinking and reflecting is something I do a lot of :). I’m lad u enjoy the blog :).

    • haha, one good thing about this new template is that you can even reply to the replies of the replies. haha.
      Irans a bit busy with … im fine tho, missin kibaha like you. it was so peaceful there, im yearning for peace

      • you could always reply to the replies 🙂 Maybe you just didn’t see it? And there’s just one good thing about this template? DId you like the other one better?

  3. nooo, i did not say there was only one thing good about it, i said one of the good things about it is …, the other one was great and so is this one, but since i respect change so this one it is.

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