7 comments on “2012 – No Expectations

  1. nice idea, “no expectations”. thanks for sharing
    it would be cool if we cud live up to this. lots of arguments, quarrels, and grudges would be prevented and you would never be let down cuz u dnt expect anything. It is not easy tho to be like this. check your fb to see what i mean!
    keep up the good work

    p.s. happy new year

    • Never being let down is one of the best things abt “no expectations ” definitely not easy. Thanks Mohamed ! Thanks for your comments 😀

  2. It’s true that if you have no expectations, you can never be disappointed. But never forget that if you aim high and make an honest effort, great things will always come your way.

  3. I think u can do both. For example for Kili I aimed and hoped to get to the top and I tried my best to get there but I also knew that if I got sick , I would have no choice and it would be out of my control .. So I didn’t exactly expect to get to the top bt i didn’t not expect to get to the top either. I just kept my head down and kept on swimming. No expectations doesn’t mean you expect to fail .. Nor does it mean you expect to succeed .. Just like everything u want you try ur hardest to get there .. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t ..

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