10 comments on “The Final Stretch

  1. loved it, great job climbin the kili and also writin it. the picture of the book with ur name written on it is so inspiring and amazing.
    btw, u knw one other thing off ur bucket list ?? writing about it in ur blog !

  2. SAARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I’m really proud of you. Thanks so much for writing about it, it was a pleasure reading your posts on kili. I’m just wondering what’s next on your bucket list!

    • Hey Tara 🙂 ThaNks…I’m glad you enjoyed it.. Inshallah you’re next up that mountain eh :)? Lol Tara If i tell you what’s next -even if I try back out you’ll be there pushing me with full force towards it – (Zanzibar blog is about to come – hopefully soon :D) miss you homie was just thinking of you

      • 😀 hell yeah, i’ll be pushing you, lol
        now im even more eager to know what ur up to

  3. This was so inpiring! I have to say, when you told me that you climbed Kili, I thought to myself, “Oh well, she’s pretty fit… I’m sure it was a fun climb”. After reading this, you seem so much more human! 😀 Once again, so proud to know someone who climbed Kilimanjaro despite low levels of oxygen in her blood 😀

    • Hey Ashwin ! Lol I’m a lot more human than you think ! It was definitely the hardest thing I’ve done and I don’t feel like fitness really helps much up there. Sure it’s good to be fit but how much it helps is debatable. Haha thanks Ashwin ! Low levels of oxygen indeed!

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