2 comments on “Making a difference ( Part 2) It’s all about love

  1. Salaams Sarah
    I look forward to reading your blogs. You’ve proven the one thing that my parents have always told me and tried to instill in me. And that is “a child needs your time and attention, not the toys that you buy them”. This is so true, because I often noticed that when I bought toys for my kids, no matter how interactive the toys were, they would play with it for a bit and then leave it aside. Whereas when I got involved, picked up the toy and played with them, they could sit for hours. It wasn’t about the toy, it was always about my attention.
    Another thing that my parents also tried to instill in me, is that it’s easy to write a cheque and pat yourself on the back and say, I’ve done my share, try giving some of your time, it’s much harder.
    In conclusion I’d like to say, if you have the luxury of time, sure donate your time. If you’re not able to give your time, then please write a cheque, and if you have time and money, then why not give both! One truth you can always count on every lit bit adds up.
    The United Nations declared December 5 as a day to recognize all Volunteers. Sarah, I salute you!

    • Salaam Fatim Chachi…thank you for reading my blogs 🙂 I agree with you wholeheartedly on what you’ve said :). its all about love and attention and true if you cannot give that then you can donate towards basic essentials..

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